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Paula Luten

Paula Luten is a local businesswoman with in-depth community involvement and a heart for human trafficking victims. In 2014 she took action to begin helping sex trafficked victims through several organizations. Ms. Luten is trained in both parts I & II of the community based FAAST Hands That Heal International Curriculums to Train Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors program. Paula also attended the Trafficking in America Task Force National Conference.  She not only volunteered with Hope for Freedom, but under the Youth for Christ umbrella. It was after YFC training that she spent time in the DJJ Detention Center of Palm Beach County, participating in everything from a facelift of the inside of the facility, painting with the kids housed there, to raising money and collecting donations to purchase hygiene bags for them, and spending time with those interested in learning more about God doing Bible studies. Using her previous culinary experience, she was able to be one of three chefs to facilitate a healthy cooking, eating and food knowledge program to the juveniles as well.  This gave them more knowledge for self-care upon release, as well as sparked career interests for several.

Ms. Luten has a broad range of expertise at decision making levels that includes, but is not limited to; sales, fundraising, marketing, mass & social media, public speaking, editing, management organization & philanthropy. Currently she is the Owner, Operator and Creator for an on-line retail company that she started three years ago and manages all aspects from the ground up. Prior to this business, Paula was the CEO of a large brick and mortar retail corporation. There she doubled the size of the business within the first two years and expanded the shopping experience. With her background, she was able to design and deliver all advertising, PR, marketing and media relations without hiring outside sources. She oversaw daily operations, employees and volunteer groups. The surrounding communities are extremely important to her. This led to involvement and fundraising for local organizations, schools, small non-profits, private families, and other larger organizations. With Bush Wildlife, she was the only corporate sponsor and host for several events. Also, all unsold merchandise was donated through foster care system.

It was during this time that Paula also sat on the board for Relay for Life, Palm Beach Gardens, American Cancer Society and as their Activities Director. She recruited volunteers, organized fundraisers and events before the actual Relay, scheduled activities and booked entertainment for the Relay itself, and made and kept everything on schedule and budget. One fundraising evening that was organized and planned by Paula resulted in the most money raised in at a single event for this chapter.

As with most of Ms. Luten’s positions, she has had the opportunity to work with a distinguished client base. Her expertise in sales and finances strengthened from her time working with Wachovia Wealth Management. There she led a team to successfully surpass sales goals through the rollout of new products and investments. She grew the client base and relationships while bringing in high dollar earnings, making her entire team achieve success.

Paula reached new heights in sales and marketing during her time spent as an Account Executive with a top tier ABC television affiliate in North Carolina. She had an unparalleled success rate and commitment ratio in new modules. She brought an entire new category to the commercial segments of businesses that had never considered television advertising. Her clients ranged from small family-owned businesses to Taco Bell. Paula also started a campaign to help small businesses in each surrounding town to co-participate in order to gain exposure and increase income for them, while increasing sales revenue for the station. She organized interviews and news pieces around this program as well, helping all parties involved. Realizing the need for some businesses to bring people in during slower times, she also started an internet campaign for advertising and consumers purchasing discounted certificates. She always found a way to bring in revenue for everyone involved.

Ms. Luten has always strived for excellence and her strong organizational skills and management style has led to success in all areas. She holds everyone, including herself to high expectations and accountable for their duties, and has no problem jumping in, while also delegating when necessary. She spent a great amount of time fine tuning her multiple areas of expertise, starting with her education. Graduating with high honors a year early from high school, setting new standards for Palm Beach County School graduation, with a year of college already completed, she continued her higher education. First, Paula received an Associate’s in Business Administration. She then went to FAU to receive her Bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a sequence in journalism & editing, and a minor in Public Speaking, specializing in presenting and speech writing. Paula returned to college later to complete a degree in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, which gave her a better understanding of running all aspects of a public business.

With other attributable experiences, not included here, all have contributed to the diverse, self-driven woman Paula Luten has become. This makes her purpose clear and desire to be a part of helping others, while using all of her assets. It is time to move forward into an area she knows she is needed and can best serve an organization, cause, and community.